About Centigrade Incorporation

About us

Centigrade Incorporation is an independent PC technical support and IT Solutions company that provides online remote support for computers, laptops, complete range of communication devices and related software where we focus solely on delivering our client's networking and application needs helping many of our clients across UNITED STATES to achieve their business goals / personal needs and objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology systems.

What we Do?

Centigrade supports desktops, laptops, netbooks/notebooks, tablets, WiFi routers, printers, and more.. Technical support is provided to our customers via Phone, Remote Desktop Support, E-mail & Online Chat. Centigrade remotely connect to any system or network, fast service support is provided for operating systems like Windows, Android etc., networking protocols and both local and web based applications.

Why us?

As your business tends to grow, so are your Information Technology requirements. Every businesses in now streamlining their operations to better serve their customers – however, in these high-tech environment, the cost of streamlining any company’s operations often results to very little or even no return of investment which results to higher costs incurred by any business. Our role is to make sure that the investments in Information Technology are properly channeled to the appropriate business units thus revealing the return of investment that an organization should benefit from.

Our Customer Base

With our growing customer base, this proves that our continuous focus on technology innovation and very strong customer/technical support will be your asset in growing your business and be top in your industry.
Our areas of competency: System Network/Server Management, Internet Routing and Sharing, Mail and Web Server Management, Software Development, Application Development, Technical Helpdesk Support, On-site Maintenance Support, Wide range of software support including Antivirus, internet browsers, and many others.



Payment Processing
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